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Frequently Asked Questions


Since 1997 we have heard many of the same questions repeated.
Since educated customers make the smartest decisions please allow us to enlighten you.
Whether you have one question or fifty, many important answers can be found below.
You may click on any topic below for that subject area or click on any question directly for the answer.

About Air Jump Moonwalks
Our Inflatables
Pricing & Payment
Delivery, Set-Up, & Take-Down

We've been delivering kids party inflatable rentals full time since January 1997.
Yes, we have plenty of referrals.  If you need one, please ask.  We cannot refer you to any of the Chiefs, Royals, nor Wizards players we have delivered to but others are available upon request.  Our Customer Review page is an alternate method of reviewing our customer feedback.
We believe most customers make a decision based on price, quality, and customer service.  Our prices are competitive, our inflatables are top quality, and we are always just a call, text, or email away - even on delivery day.  It's been said, experience is second to none.  With countless deliveries under our belt we come prepared for nearly every challenge that can be possibly experienced dating back to 1997.  Special events like the one you may be planning usually come around only once a year if not even less frequently.  Our long standing stability and reputation takes the risk out of your party planning so you can count on an event just as special as you can imagine.
During our delivery season the office is staffed for phone calls, emails, and text messages daily from 9am to 8pm.  During the off-season (winter) our hours vary, but someone is in the office daily.
Please visit our Contact Info page for ways to contact us.
Yes, this is it.  If you have tried contacting our competition and then waited days for return contact it is probably because they are moonlighting at their other job.  Air Jump Moonwalks is a full-time inflatable delivery service.  This is "all" we do so we are reachable when you need us.  Customers see us drop off their rental and then come back to get it perhaps thinking our job is rather easy.  We can't tell you how many times we've been asked, "is this all you do?"  There is actually a lot of work going on behind the scenes from customer service to inflatable maintenance to heavy driving and more.  We are proud to be full-time inflatable bounce house professionals.
Absolutely not!  The small and cheap inflatables found in the local stores are not designed for industrial rental purposes.  Sadly, we have seen some competitors actually renting these things that can be purchased for almost as much in a store.  These cheaply made inflatables are so affordable because they are designed with very cheap plastic and practically come sewn together with dental floss.  Our tests of these cheaply made inflatables concluded most could not survive even three durable uses before breakdown.  Therefore, Air Jump Moonwalks only rents out professionally designed inflatables intended for the party rental industry.  Heavy 18-21 ounce vinyl ensures durability while double and triple stitching all the way around results in more support and less structure damage.  This of course means more safety for you and your guests.  How can a customer tell the difference in a picture or over the phone?  The easiest way to know is in the weight capacity.  Professionally designed inflatables usually can withstand at least 500-600 total pounds or 6-10 kids.  The cheaply made inflatables found at the store usually only hold a couple toddlers and no more than 300 total pounds.  At Air Jump Moonwalks you will not get duped into a cheaply made disappointing toy store model.
Offering great value on delivered inflatable rentals is what we believe keeps us growing.  Many of our customers return for further rentals and/or refer us to their friends.  The snowball kept rolling down the hill until enough people found out about us and continued the trend.   We strive to get it right the first time without any complications.  Booking over rentals because another customer will pay $20 more for it, telling customers we offer things we know we don't have, pretending to be the best at something nobody can really prove - these games we do not play.  Great value and honest intentions has taken us places.
Since this claim is impossible to prove we will say our inflatables are just as clean as can be.  Unfortunately, there has not been a "Cleanest Inflatable In Town" contest so it would be rather biased of us to say they are the absolute cleanest likes other questionably claim.  Then again, when we bring out a brand new inflatable that has never been used or has been barely used then it is probably safe to say it is the cleanest.  Others might make unprovable claims but we'll just tell you this:  we clean our inflatables the best we can, which of course is after every use.  We know every customer wants a nice clean inflatable just as much as we know cleaning our inflatables helps prolong the lifespan for our own betterment.  You want clean?  We've got clean!
Under normal circumstances we vacuum and sanitize each inflatable after every use.  If you use our service this explains why we always return for pickup with cleaning supplies in hand.  Sometimes an inflatable needs extra attention.  If so, it is hosed down, cleaned vigorously with soap, and made just like new before the next event.  Other than having the Tidy Bowl Man himself give us a helping hand we do everything we can to ensure each rental is cleaned rigorously before use.
More than half of our inflatables are two years old or newer.  Others may be a couple years older but still in good shape.  Wear and tear is a natural occurrence with inflatables so the older they are the more likely they are to be worn down.  All of our inflatables are in above average condition as we interchange them on a regular basis.  Why pay the same price somewhere else for an old run down inflatable when we offer the nicest and newest inflatables in town?
Anyone who has had a moldy and/or stinky inflatable before knows this question should always be asked.  Great news, there are no moldy nor stinky inflatables at Air Jump Moonwalks!  Obviously, water and plastic left together result in mold, we get this.  That's why we dry out our equipment when they get wet.  It's really not much fun to re-inflate a moonwalk just to let it dry out all day but when that's what it takes to dry, they sit outside all day drying.  The stench of mold does not promote a healthy jumping environment, so worry not with Air Jump Moonwalks.  Needless to say, if a moonwalk gets stinky for another reason, it is cleaned and sanitized immediately after discovery.
If we said no then someone would probably ask, where do the kids get in then?  Each inflatable has en entrance but that is obviously not the hole referenced here.  Hole damage can be made by sharp objects, overloading with weight, but most often due to natural seam wear.   Most of our inflatables are on the newer side as we interchange them often.  However, when a hole does come about we get it repaired immediately.  Unless there is something we don't know about (knock on wood), our inflatables are hole-free.  The old run down inflatable that should have been retired three years ago can be found somewhere else.
Our inflatables are as safe as can be since we only invest in top quality inflatable equipment.  Cheaply made inflatables and/or old run down inflatables can create additional hazards you won't have to worry about with Air Jump Moonwalks.  Of course, just about anything can be a potential hazard when left alone with a child so we always request continuous supervision with any inflatable rental.  We will provide you with all the dos and don'ts when we arrive for delivery.
Our inflatable manufacturers are located all over the United States.  We do not get our inflatables at a store (those are typically the cheaply made kind).  To ensure maximum safety we also do not purchase any equipment from outside of the United States.  We only buy our equipment from reputable inflatable manufacturers located in the USA.
The general rule is people only please.  Certain things should always be kept out of the inflatables including sharp objects, pets, food, candy, gum, drinks, silly string, and anything that might cause damage or make a mess.
Yes, we now carry a water slide.  We waited 15 years to get one because we never felt any were safe enough for our standards.  If you've seen the kind that stand really tall and are not fully enclosed then certainly you can imagine what happens when electricity is lost causing the inflatable to collapse.  Where do the kids go when there's no cover?  When we finally saw a fully enclosed water slide we jumped on it right away.  It's different then most of the other water slides out there but we think that's a good thing.  Safety always comes first with us.  Click here to see our water slide.
No, what you see is what we have.  Our website is updated the moment we know something new is coming in.  If we aren't advertising it then we don't carry it, sorry.  The good news is, we have a nice selection of inflatables we know kids really enjoy.
Our inflatables come in different sizes so there is no general answer to this question.  An inflatable should have 3-5 feet of clearance on the sides and at least 20 feet of clearance for height.  For the dimensions of our inflatables click here.
We always prefer to set up on grass for maximum safety.  We can also set up on cement and other hard surfaces too.  We will not set up on dirt, sand, rocks, or mud.  We will also not set up in a yard needing pet pooper-scooper duty so please take care of this in advance if pets access the area we will be setting up at.
We do have a general rule for this:  please no more than 600 pounds on any inflatable at any time.  We also request nobody using our inflatables weigh over 200 pounds to limit stress on the seams.  These guidelines should be followed closely to ensure a safe jumping experience for all.
Once again, we do have a general rule here:  no more than two adults inside at a time please and nobody over 200 pounds.  Again, this is to ensure maximum safety to all while also helping to protect our inflatable equipment.  The seams inside are only capable of holding specific weight loads.  Unfortunately, we do not cater to adult parties - kids only please.
Yes, electricity is required.  We provide at least 110 feet of electrical cord to get us to a electrical socket, usually this is more than enough.  Additional extension cords can not be added as this causes amperage issues that shorts out our electrical blowers (breaks them), so we do really need to be within 110 feet of  a 3-prong electrical socket.  When this isn't possible a generator can be used.  We do not provide generators but they can be rented at many home improvements stores.
We deliver almost anywhere including homes, parks, schools, businesses, parking lots, and just about anywhere one can think of setting up at.  An additional deposit may be required for non-home locations.
For maximum safety adult supervision is required any time a child may have access to one of our inflatables.  Air Jump Moonwalks does not provide adult supervision as this is required by the customer.
Generally, yes the set-up area should be as level as possible.  A slight slope on grass can be worked around with additional stakes.  Setting up on unlevel cement is discouraged and may not be feasible.
Special permission is not required for home parties.  If your event will be anywhere in which the general public may have access to it then special permissions should be checked for.  A good example is parks, just about every one sets their own guidelines for what is required.  Please check on this in advance to avoid delivery day disappointments.
With a maximum capacity of 600 pounds the average number of children that can jump at once is 6-8.  If the kids are bigger (teenagers) then it may only be 4 at once.  If the children are smaller (toddlers) then 10 kids at once is possible.
Our fees vary by rental and location of delivery.  Delivery, set-up, and take-down is included at no additional cost with each inflatable rental.  The cost to travel is a factor in our pricing however.  To get a price quote click here.
A deposit may be required for some rentals.  If a deposit is due we will be sure to let you know upon making reservations.
Payment will be required at the time of delivery or before.  Cash at delivery for any balance due is acceptable for home deliveries.  We also accept other forms of payment when received with enough time to process before the event.  We will go over the options with you upon making reservations.
On event days we accept cash only.  We also accept checks, money orders, credit cards, and PayPal when received with enough time to process before delivery.
While we do not require a deposit on all reservations we do for rentals meeting specific criteria.  All deposits are fully refundable if wet, windy, or stormy weather prohibits delivery due to safety concerns.  If an event is cancelled for non-weather related reasons then the amount of deposit refundable will be a percentage equal to the amount of time given between the reservation date, cancellation date, and event date.  For example, if a reservation is made 10 weeks in advance and the reservation is cancelled 4 weeks later than 60% of the deposit is refundable; it is cancelled 7 weeks later than 30% would be refundable.  For all you math junkies the formula we use is (TOTAL WEEKS NOTICE GIVEN FOR RESERVATION - TOTAL WEEKS RESERVATION HAS BEEN HELD = % OF DEPOSIT ELIGIBLE FOR REFUND).  Any cancellation made within 7 days or less of the event date will not be eligible for any deposit refund.  This same refund formula also applies to change of event date.  Any requested deposit is to guarantee your spot on our schedule.  When an event is cancelled on short notice it hurts our business as we can only reserve a limited number of inflatable rentals per day and we turn away many customers holding a reservation for someone.  The more time you give us for a cancellation or event date change the better it is for you and us.   Our customers count on our reliability and we expect the same from our customers.
This is partially explained in the paragraph above, "What is the refund policy?"  Expanding, there is never a fee when more than 7 days notice is given to cancel and/or if no deposit is required.  If a deposit is required it is refundable with cancellation if 7 or more days notice is given.  Deposits are non-refundable when less than 7 days notice is given to cancel.  We always request you please give as much notice as possible before canceling if there is no other option.  Our inventory is limited and our business suffers when we turn away customers we actually could have helped but didn't have enough notice of the opening.  A 10% processing charge will be applied to any refund request on a credit card.
Yes, we do offer discounts when more than one inflatable is rented.  Sometimes these specials are listed in our Specials of the Month section listed on the bottom of our Home Page.  For a multiple rental discount tailored just for your event please contact us with your special request.  A deposit is required on all multiple rental reservations.
We price match for Johnson County, Kansas and other select area deliveries based on similar style and quality inflatables which includes delivery, set-up, and take-down.  We only price match legitimate rental companies with printed advertisements that have prices that can be verified.  We do not price match individuals like a family member or friend down the street.
We tried it with a suggestion form and most folks would barely suggest prices that covered the cost of gas.  This is how we earn a living.  Just as everyone expects to be paid fairly at their job so do we.  Think about this, do you really want the cheapest bounce house in town?  This means you want a poorly designed and unsafe $300 bounce someone down the street might rent to you for $50.  You won't find any $50 toy store bounces here, just the heavy duty real thing at the guaranteed best price in town.
We almost always have some kind of special going on.  The first place you can find them is on the bottom of our Home Page.  We also sometimes list special prices in select areas on our Price Quote page.  All special price offers must be mentioned at the time of reservation to utilize.
Yes, we deliver, set-up, and take-down every inflatable rental reserved with us.
We do not offer this service.  Delivering our own inflatables is a company policy.
Our earliest delivery time available is 7am and our latest pick up time available is 9pm.  Once these times are reserved by a customer our available times of course change.  If we have an 8pm pick up in Lee's Summit for example we will not be available for an 830pm pick up in Shawnee.  We will inform you of our available times upon making reservations.
We deliver 7 days a week 365 days a year (366 on leap years).
We certainly do, all of them.
If alternate arrangements are made you will not need to be there.  Any adult is permitted to make payment and/or assume responsibility of the rental by signing our rental contract.  It is important to be expecting us on time if not early as we may have deliveries to make on the other side of town after yours and be unable to return if no adults are present when we arrive to deliver.
If there is an opening we will gladly rent out the same day when advance notice can't be given.  We often book up weeks in advance for our busy dates so advance notice is suggested.  If your event is on a weekend it is best to try and give at least 3-4 weeks advance notice when reserving.  Some customers reserve months in advance so the more notice you can give the better.
If you have a price quote and wish to reserve you may make your reservation online by clicking here.  You may also reach us via one of our alternate Contact Methods
Sizes vary for each inflatable.  To see the sizes click here.
We charge by the rental rather than the hour so one price will cover your entire jumping time.  Our rentals may be kept for 4-8 hours depending on what is offered in your area.  We also offer customized deals like overnight or all weekend.  We do not offer pro-rated discounts based on shorter rental lengths.
Our standard rental fees do not include overnight coverage but yes, an inflatable may be kept overnight under certain circumstances.  Please contact us if you would like an overnight rental price.
In the many years we have been in the inflatable delivery business not once has a customer ever called us to complain the rental killed their grass.  We assume this means no, it won't kill your grass.  It might mat it down a bit but grass is resilient and will bounce back in a short time.  Unless left in the same spot for over a day, no harm should come to your lawn.
Every inflatable we have available to rent can be found by clicking here.
Our prices vary by inflatable and by delivery area.  To get a price quote please click here.
Besides quality, dependability may be the most important factor to the success of your rental.  We hear from customers who book elsewhere and then get canceled on the day before their event.  Sadly, this is probably most often due to the other company getting a closer or higher paying customer.  Air Jump Moonwalks will not leave you hanging unless it's an actual life or death emergency.  We hope these kinds of emergencies never happen so you can expect us to show up as planned.  We will be happy to send you a written confirmation guaranteeing our arrival upon request.  You can also count on us being timely as our years of local experience helps us create delivery routes that ensure all rentals are delivered on time.
You will hear from us no less than two times after you reserve, once immediately after reserving (if reserved online) and then again the week of if not the week before your event to reconfirm.  We are also in the office 7 days a week to answer your questions if any come up.
If rain is in the forecast we will contact you a couple days before delivery to discuss possible other arrangements such as a make-up date.   For dates that cannot be made up we suggest the wait and see approach.  Forecasters are often wrong so if it's possible on your end we can decide the morning of to make the best judgment call.  If the chances are 60% or higher just a day or two before delivery then the wait and see approach may not be the best plan.  If it's a 30-40% chance of rain then there is also a 60-70% chance of no rain, so we would hope not to cancel.  When there is obviously no doubt the day will be mostly wet then we usually end up canceling deliveries for such a date, refunding any deposits or payments made if no make-up date is planned to reapply such funds to.
Wet or stormy weather after delivery is a worst case scenario we always hope to avoid.  When the forecast is for 20-30% chance of rain at 3pm it is difficult what to expect.  Under such circumstances most deliveries are usually made if a customer wants their delivery.  A quick passing shower can be overcome by shutting down the inflatable and re-inflating it after the storm passes.  We will give you all such instructions upon delivery, it's not that hard to do.  The inflatables cannot be operated during wet, stormy, or very windy weather and will need discontinued use and deflation until threatening weather passes.  If you are concerned weather might interrupt your plans then canceling your reservation before delivery is an option.  If a customer is willing to brave potential weather risks and we are willing to do so as well then the delivery will be made at customer's risk of limited use.  Safety is our ultimate priority and it is critical to never risk fun times for dangerous weather conditions.
We do not offer refunds nor credits due to weather but we also do not charge anything for canceling in advance of delivery due to weather.   We charge for the services of delivering, setting-up, taking down, and accessing our inflatables.  When wet or stormy weather surprises our services are still performed plus we spend an extra day or two drying out the wet inflatable.  We are not in this business to stick people with inflatables they cannot use so we will always first contact you first when weather seems to be an issue.  For customers willing to brave any forecast the risk of limited use is a factor to consider.
The most accurate forecast always comes the day of an event.  If you cannot wait until the last minute to decide regarding weather we hope for at least a 48-hour forecast before deciding.  We really don't have faith around here in 7, 10, and especially 15 day forecasts.
Yes indeed.  If your delivery is canceled due to weather and we have an opening you are interested in for another date we will gladly reschedule your delivery at the same price you originally expected to pay for it.  If an event is canceled with less than 7 days notice due to non-weather related issues any deposit required for holding the reservation is subject to loss.
Unfortunate accidents with inflatable rentals tend to get national attention as they are few and far in between.  Imagine the national press coverage car accidents would get if only a handful across the country occurred each year.  What you may have seen in video clips represent both serious situations and irresponsible use.  We explain both here on our website and in our rental contract to discontinue use and immediately deflate any rental when imperfect weather conditions threaten.  It is extremely important to never put a single child at risk when the weather may cause danger no matter how much the children wish to continue using the inflatable.  Safety precautions must occur before any dangerous weather conditions take place requiring discontinued use and deflation for maximum safety.  We absolutely always require discontinued use and deflation of any inflatable when rain, thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, winds over 25 miles per hour, and/or any weather risks safe inflatable use conditions.  As we do not stay with our inflatable rentals to monitor use we cannot ensure enforcement of safety policies but instead delegate a responsible adult who agrees to do so.  Common sense may prevent many dangerous situations while risk taking may lead to unfortunate results.  Inflatable rentals are safe when they are used safely and under ideal weather conditions but not safe when weather conditions and/or safe use policies are disregarded.
If your question is not addressed above please contact us directly.
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